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Psychologist Dr. Athans: 'I think Simone Biles is so courageous'

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Dr. Catherine Athans joined Ryan Wrecker to weigh in on the startling news of US gymnast Simone Biles withdrawing from competition at the Olympics. "She has all of the US on her shoulders, God Bless her," says Athans. "I think she is so courageous in saying, 'wait a moment, my health is more important than anything else, and I'm going to step aside and let others do it, and I'm going to take care of me."

Athans is concerned about younger athletes and their parents who may not pay enough attention to hesitations that Biles felt.

"This whole thing of, 'she should have pushed through it, gutted up.' These people are so ignorant," says Athans. If your, "mental acuity isn't exact, when you're flipping around on those things, not only could you kill yourself but you could maim yourself so you'd be paralyzed the rest of your life. Being a gymnast is extremely, extremely hard."

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