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Upcoming Live Event: April 2, 2023
How You Can Change Your Reality

Do you feel empty?

Do you feel that there is a hole in the middle of your body and your being?

So many of you feel paralyzed at this time. You are not sure what to do or where to turn. There are conflicting reports in the news that leave you wondering where you are in the scheme of everything.

This workshop will bring you back to yourself—your true self.

You will begin to examine where your negative programs stop you from being all you can be.

To do this, you will meditate on the light that is already within you and do exercises to bring you closer to the light in you that is your inner knowing and inner wisdom.

You will begin to have a sense of that light as Infinite, eternal light that cannot be taken—versus the outer you that fluctuates from activity to activity.

You will complete various exercises with a partner or a small group and then discuss with the intention that you will start to recognize and delineate what is true and not true for you.

You will begin to be willing to accept that the Light in you is infinite and eternal. You can’t hold on to it, you simply need to be willing to keep the light in your consciousness.

This workshop will give you the ability to feel the light in you and feel the difference without it, as you open to that Eternal Light.

The Wisdom of Florence Shinn

There are certain words and phrases that you say to yourself that cause you to veer away from Diving Guidance. It is vital for you to refine your Self-Awareness. Being in the light of the Universe requires you to surrender to Wisdom. In this workshop, you will develop your ability to follow the guidance of your Divine Intelligence.

"Since the philosopher leaves the cut of his coat to the tailor, you will find all conditions permanently perfect when you run your life through Divine Source."

Time: 11:30 am - 3:30 pm
Location: 303 First St., Los Altos, California 94022
Cost: $125. includes full gourmet lunch. Must be paid for by March 22, 2023
Please bring a gift under $25. to exchange.

Registration online only, click button below. See you there!


Pre-workshop questions for “Change Your Reality” participants:
Please answer these in writing and bring with you to the event on April 2.

Click here.

Come hear Dr. Athans speak at the 20th Annual New Living Expo
April 15, 2023 • 11 am

Speaker Rooms will be at the Embassy Suites Hotel
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Life Is Meant to Be Lived in Joy!

Break through what is holding you back, and feel greater joy and love in your life with my
FREE Meditation Guide.



I'm Dr. Catherine Athans

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, trained at UC Berkeley. My combination of experience as a scientist and as a compassionate metaphysician allows me the unique ability to offer a variety of both conventional and unconventional services to you.

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Feel stuck in your life, like nothing you want is ever happening?

Overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, past trauma?

Hope is not lost!

How I Can Help You...


Classes & Workshops

Free Resources

Transformation of Past Clients

Learn to be Clairvoyant for Beginners


Clairvoyance is defined as clear seeing. It is seeing beyond your 5 senses. During this 3-week, in-person class, you will use your imagination along with developing your intuition to see what is beyond the physical realm.

You will be provided with a workbook to expand your knowledge of clairvoyance. And you will be given individual attention to allow you to know where you are and support you in where you’d like to be in the development of your clairvoyant ability.

By the end of our time together, you will have learned to pay attention to the subtle sensations generally ignored to gain more information about your vision and the solutions to your life goals.


November 3, 2022
November 10, 2022
November 17, 2022

TIME: 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Light dinner will be served.

COST: $350. for the series


303 First St., Los Altos, CA 94022

“Love is an action verb as well as a state of being.”

—Catherine Athans, Ph.D.

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