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The heart is the bridge between body and spirit, the path of divine love and spiritual consciousness. In this episode Dr. Athans will walk you through a heart opening meditation.

The Heart is the bridge between body and spirit
Opening Your Chakras

Each chakra corresponds to a specific organ & a spiritual, emotional, & psychological state of being. In this episode, Dr. Athans teaches you how to open each chakra.

Within all of us is the capacity for inner strength and knowledge. In this episode, we are going to practice saying what we need to say to our heart.

Speaking to your heart
Simple Meditation Method

My purpose in creating this episode is a simple and easy to follow method for a successful meditation practice. It doesn't need to feel hard or complicated.

Replace your overwhelm & exhaustion with greater energy and more aliveness. Breathe and connect to the earth's energy through your root chakra.

Connecting to your Root Chakra

In this episode Dr. Athans guides you to look within and let go of all the gunk that is clouding your ability to love and have empathy for others.

Guided look within

Create greater belief in yourself so you can unlock your dreams. You just have to believe in yourself. Don't give in to the negativity. Connect with what's inside.

Creating Belief in Yourself

The universe wants to help you. But you have to ask and open yourself to receiving. Your negative beliefs will keep you from feeling safe enough to open up to receive.

Feeling safe to allow the universe in

Discover how to help yourself through a time of crisis. The world is in chaos right now. We need to stay present. In this episode, Dr. Athans has some tips for how to do that.

Helping Yourself in Crisis

What is "home" for you?In this episode, Dr. Athans talks about what the meaning of home could be if you just stop and listen...home can be what you make it.

The meaning of Home

Are you feeling small? Unworthy? Incapable? In this episode, Dr. Athans helps you find healing and truth from lies you have been telling yourself.

Find healing truth from lies you have been telling yourself

What do you wish to experience in your life can be created by picturing it in your mind's eye. This is the first tool you need to create your truth.

Creating your own Truth

In this episode, Dr. Athans leads you through a meditation to get more energy. The more love you send willingly, the more comes to you.

Guided energy meditation
The 3rd Chakra, intellect

The 3rd chakra is the development of intellect. Discover how to ground yourself to Mother Earth and listen to the insights of the third chakra. What is it saying to you?

In this episode, Dr. Athans explains the power of receiving & how your current filters are keeping you from making your dreams come true now.

The Power of Receiving

In this episode, Dr. Athans talks on unconditional positive regard and why it's necessary for experiencing greater love in your life. Experience the Pink Cotton Candy experiment.

Pink Cotton Candy Experiment

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