Catherine believes there is enough good, enough wealth, enough of everything you want. You should too. We just have to believe in ourselves. Don't give in to the negativity. Turn off the news. Breathe. Love. Feel. Connect with what's inside.

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Heart Brain Healing - Part 1

The heart is the bridge between body and spirit. Everything within our lives is driven by heart intentions. It is part of the soul’s journey to experience what will make our hearts break – not in half, but wide open! The heart is the path of divine love and spiritual consciousness. Join us on this heart opening meditation to continue your emotional development. Click here to listen.

Heart Brain Healing - Part 2

What does it mean to have a big heart? What does it mean to have courage? Within all of us is the capacity for inner strength and knowledge. In this podcast, we are going to practice saying what we need to say to our heart. In doing this you will find an endless source of peace and wellness. Your heart can provide answers to your biggest questions. Let this practice become a gift to yourself. Click here to listen.

Healing Your Third Chakra

Did you know that most people have chakras that are out of balance? It’s important for each one to be grounded to Mother Earth. The third chakra is the development of intellect. Your heart works in tandem with this chakra. Learn to listen to the insights of the third chakra. What is it saying to you? Click here to listen.

Understanding Your Second Chakra

This is a meditation to bring the sun into your second chakra. By balancing this chakra we open ourselves us to receiving the powerful energy that exists in it. When you do this exercise and you will see the more love you send willingly the more comes to you. Click here to listen.

Root Chakra Healing Meditation

Breathe and connect to the earth's energy through your root chakra. This is a tool that you have at your disposal to replenish your energy and to come alive again. If you're feeling overwhelmed or exhausted, this can help you. Do this meditation and see what happens in your body. Click here to listen.

Open Your Heart and Your Mind

Our heart is our compass. Catherine shows you how to do a heart insight meditation to look within and let go of all the gunk that clouds our ability to love and have empathy for others. Click here to listen.

It Starts With You

There is enough good, enough wealth, enough of everything you want. You just have to believe in yourself. Don't give in to the negativity. Turn off the news. Breath. Love. Feel. Connect with what's inside. Click here to listen.

Asking Your Angels

The universe wants to help you. But you have to ask and open yourself to receiving. Enjoy! Click here to listen.

In a Time of Crisis

The world is in chaos right now. It's not easy. We need to stay present. Catherine has some tips for how to do that. All you need is five minutes and a desire to pause and reconnect. Click here to listen.

Truth and Lies

Are you feeling small? Unworthy? Incapable? Those things are lies. You are more than you know. Your life is a miracle. Feeling into the truth of your heart, the truth you know inside you, will create your own personal growth and healing. Click here to listen.

Chakra Healing

Each chakra corresponds to a specific organ as well as a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual state of being. Within these chakras is ‘prana,’ or the ultimate pure healing energy, which is all around us. Catherine will teach you how to open your chakras and get the energy flowing correctly again. Click here to listen.

Heart Harmony

You were made to be a healthy, happy, joyous being. These are the dreams of your heart and they are, in truth, the blueprints for your life. Follow me as we do a heart harmony meditation. We will bring love into our hearts and when we do our immune system will begin to create healing. Click here to listen.

Imagine the Life You Want

What you wish to experience in your life can be created by picturing it in your mind's eye. This is the first tool you need to create your truth. Click here to listen.

Easy Breathing Meditation

Through the years various spiritual leaders, gurus, and heads of thought movements have chosen to mystify the process of meditation. My purpose in creating this episode is a simple and easy to follow method for a successful meditation practice. Click here to listen.

Listen to your heart, it knows the Truth

How do we know our Truth? How do we begin to trust the inner voice that we all have? In this episode we gently open the doors that will allow you to believe what you uncover when you go into your heart and let go of the lies that you have been taught. You will learn that your truth feels good, feels happy and this truth will give you the knowledge and ability to have a wonderful life. Click here to listen.

Learning to Receive

This episode contains small meditation to get ready for learning to receive. Have you ever woken up and thought, "I think the universe is trying to give me all the things I want but I haven't been able to receive them. What's wrong with me?" Understanding our filters, where they come from and what we can do to retrain ourselves is the ultimate goal to making your dreams come true, now. Click here to listen.

Home for the Holidays

What is "home" for you? Is it the food? Is it the people? Do we only see it as a specific place? Catherine talks about what the meaning of home could be if we just stop and listen. Together we'll do a quick relaxation meditation. Just let it go....home can be what we make it. Click here to listen.

Developing Unconditional Positive Regard for Others

Developing unconditional positive regard means valuing a person as doing their best to move forward in their lives constructively, while respecting that person’s right to self-determination—no matter what they choose to do. That doesn’t mean that you need to like the person or approve of what they do, or that you simply have to simply put up with it. The answer is to use the love in your heart to create acceptance. This is important not only for others but also for ourselves. Giving this to ourselves is the biggest gift we could give. The best part is, you deserve it. Catherine suggests a fun experiment, the Pink Cotton Candy experiment, for next time you encounter a group of people. Try it! Click here to listen.

Hello to the Lunar New Year

The universe provides a path this new year. Letting go of the things we don't need and grabbing onto the things we do. How do we do that? We lay the foundation for our new life by dreaming a big dream. Click here to listen.

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