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Outer intrusions and traumas block the natural rhythms of people in many diverse ways. These diversities then manifest in everyday behavior and these behaviors are called deviant and are given the titles of different emotional illnesses. These are cataloged in a myriad of books and manuals with strange and unusual titles and headings coupled with index numbers for quick reference.

However, if traced back to the source we will always find a violation, an intrusion or a tampering coupled with a misinterpretation of what has occurred, by the person. This creates an unnatural pattern that acts like a block or an energy drain creating the disease ("DISEASE") in the total capability to function. The person then may experience a myriad of horrors: Isolation, Stupidity, Inferiority, Insecurity, Desolation, Depression, Hatred, Fear, Paranoia.

Catherine offers a unique blend of compassionate science. She brings her scientific, clinical and research background as a psychotherapist (CA License #MFC 21159) as well as a repertoire of healing modalities that she has tried and tested.

Whether you seek to work through and heal from wounds of the past or present, or you seek direction on a specific issue, Dr. Catherine can help you realize your potential and accomplish your goals.

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Dr. Catherine Athans, Ph.D.



Counseling &

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