Metaphysics Expert.

Life Coach.


Catherine's mission is to unlock, encourage, and coach others to realize the power that lives in all of us to engage our imagination, empowered by our will to take command of our own lives and engage our full potential. She seeks to re-mind people of their magnificence - to re-mind , re-condition, and teach us to re-look and re-know. She appropriately views herself as an Advocate for Humanity.

Dr. Athans is a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist (CA License #MFC 21159), trained at UC Berkeley. Her combination of experience as a scientist and as a compassionate metaphysican allows her the unique ability to offer a myriad of both conventional and unconventional services to her clients.

In addition to or in lieu of traditional psychotherapy services, Catherine offers metaphysical solutions where she will look at your pattern, by tuning in, clearing and allowing herself to become aware of your higher, divine pattern or personality. She then works to reflect this pattern back to you, energizing and nourishing you and giving you enough strength to push out all the blocks that have been placed in you by your environment.

She helps you to dissolve these interferences and restraints allowing your natural pattern to emerge, so that you may be free to explore your multi-dimensional being and be able to know what is you and what is not you. These differences can be very subtle, and with the assistance of Catherine's Guides, are reflected back in colors, energy waves, fragrances, and pictures--providing a sensual, sensitive, and tactile (not just cognitive) method of understanding the truth.