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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

In media interviews, Dr. Athans combines her scientific, metaphysical and life coaching expertise to share with audiences new ways to live. She explains how to activate ones imagination to create joyful ways of being and meeting life head on with enthusiasm. Dr. Athans will helps you to understand the importance of dissolving negativity, interferences, and restraints allowing your natural pattern to emerge, so that you may be free to explore your multi-dimensional being and be able to know what is you and what is not you.

Radio & Television

Dr. Catherine is available for radio and television appearances all over the world. She is a regular on San Francisco Bay Area radio talk shows such as Seeing Beyond on 1450 AM and Womens' Radio's program, Living on Purpose. She has appeared on such television shows such as KGO-TV's View from the Bay.


Dr. Catherine is a sought after motivational speaker at events around the world. She presented and taught at the Global Peace Initiative of women - a conference inspired by the Millenium Global Peace Summit at the United Nations - as well as the Women's Spiritual Conference heled at the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland. She was recently the keynote speaker at the New Living Expo in San Francisco.

Non-Profit Organizations

Dr. Catherine brings heart and inspiration to non-profit organizations. She recently spoke at the SOAR II event - a part of the Department of Education and Barnes & Noble Booksellers of Emeryville, CA collaboration effort to reach underserved children.

Dr. Athans spoke to a group of children from the Oakland, CA Unified School District who participated in a poetry contest. Her heart is in serving our community as a whole, and having Dr. Catherine speak on the power within each of us to accomplish our dreams is an excellent opportunity to inspire, affirm, and motivate your staff.

Corporate Meetings

In addition to addressing common strategies and interpersonal dynamics within your organization, Dr. Catherine realizes that underneath every corporate persona is a human being on his or her own unique journey. This may involve family, personal hobbies and interests, and various life stressors (financial, relationship).

When your employees attend a corporate meeting led by Dr. Catherine, they will know that they are appreciated, valued, and respected for the unique individuals that they are. They will be acknowledged for the efforts that they put in while being recognized for the whole person that they are, both at and outside of work.

Dr. Catherine can also speak on stress reduction techniques and how to take care of one's self so that your staff can be as productive as possible in all areas of their lives

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