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Wellness Wednesday: What The Olympics Can Teach Us About Mental Health

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Simone Biles cited a need to focus on her mental health in her move last week to pull out of the women’s team gymnastics final at the Tokyo Olympics.

The 24-year-old’s decision surprised fans and reignited a national conversation about mental health: when is it ok to push through and perform and when is it better to walk away?

Today on Wellness Wednesday on All Sides with Ann Fisher: what the world of elite athletes can teach us about mental health in general.


  • Dr. Catherine Athans, psychologist, Certified Trauma Therapist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Dr. Krystof Bankiewicz, professor of neurological surgery at Ohio State College of Medicine

  • David Moses, PhD, postdoctoral engineer, University of California San Francisco Weill Institute for Neurosciences

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